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Groceries Combo

Groceries Combo

Way2Foods Combo Packs included standard “Branded combo packs” including Millet combo, Spices combo, Ragi combo, Jaggery combo, Dry Fruits/Nuts combo, and Coffee & Tea combo besides “Convenient combo packs” like Way2Foods Groceries combo. Combo packs are normally convenient economy packs of a standard size and the key features of combo packs are combination of relevant items and economy or discounted packs for different size of households and consumers. Way2Foods “Groceries Combo” covers produce such as red rice, tur dal, sugar & edible oil etc. and weighing between 3 to 4 Kg each. Branded combo packs will be suitable for a mid-size family. www.way2foods.in or Way2Foods supply all these combos to households, HORECA customers and other users or byers whether it is in bulk or small quantities also with other groceries, vegetables and food products. 1. Grains, pulses & millets” category included over 34 crops besides the variants such as branded and unbranded produce. Key crops included are rice, dals of selected crops, flour of selected crops, millets, which is known as super food, is one the fast moving produce with a list of over 8 crops. 2. “Oil, oil seeds & niche produce” category covers both a) oil and oil seeds such as sunflower, ground nut, coconut, mustard, soya, rice bran and VCO and b) niche produce such as Jaggery variants, honey, stevia etc. Farmer brand for the selected niche produce is also part of the same.

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