• Direct sourcing from farmers and farmers’ association based on the opportunity

  • Best quality Food Kits @ competitive prices for households, apartments and HORECA

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Food Kits

Food Kits

During pandemic situation like Covid-19, local food system will be hard hit. It is the responsibility of the Govt., institutions/ conglomerates and rich category people to ensure food insecurity for the needy people, who constitute a large chunk in the total population in India. Food kits would include basic and essential groceries, vegetables and other food products to offer to the needy people by the donors. Fixed / lump sum amount based supply programmes can also designed for the food kits. These would be based on fixed price packs or variable depending upon produce and prices. Pack size, items to be covered, pricing, area of operation etc. all left to the donor. Direct sourcing from farmers, grading, distribution of food kits etc. can be taken up by Way2Foods. www.way2foods.in or Way2Foods supplies food kits to those who can offer to needy poor people at temples, church and during different events.

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