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Edible Oil

Edible Oil

Edible oil consumption is increasing in India. The growth rate is substantially higher in the country mainly for nutrients rich cold pressed edible oils. Compared with regular refined oil, cold pressed oil is found to be good for health as the later helps in retaining the nutrients and the flavours. This is mainly due to the fact that there will not be any heat generated while oil processing. Most familiar cold pressed edible oils includes sunflower oil, ground nut oil, coconut oil, mustered oil, sesame oil etc. These organically produced oils are expensive compared with regular oil. Prices of edible oil linked with supply of various edible oils, oil imports, consumption trend etc. www.way2foods.in or Way2Foods supplies organic cold press edible oils besides conventional refined oils to households, HORECA segment, other users/ buyers besides institutions with other groceries, vegetables and food products.

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